2012 New York City International Film Festival Opening Night Gala
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 09: Director Faizan Sheikh attends the opening night gala for the 2012 New York City International Film Festival at the Angelika Film Center on August 9, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Charles Eshelman/WireImage)

Why we make Films on Social Issues? 
Inspiring others through films is our biggest passion.  We believe film has the power to positively impact all the people in communities around the world, and we intend to do it through our love for films.  Our goal is to spread the message of inspiration and hope through entertainment.  We want to change the way we think, we believe and we live our lives.  We believe that every moment is a story, every story has a message and we should give life to these stories through films. In addition to entertainment, films can be message driven, where audience enjoy the ups and downs of the character yet learn lessons from that character.  Film came to us as a form of expression and a form of exploration about different social issues. We like to make films specifically on social issues to raise awareness and provoke people towards leading a positive life. We like to make films that have heart in them. 
Our work explores the relationship between people and the issue they are suffering from. We think that ‘visual art’ is the most powerful art because that makes you feel its reality and that is why filmmaking is very powerful. If a film is made in a sensitive way then audience definitely resonate with the characters of the film and understand the underlying message of the film. And that is the purpose of our films.
We make the audience not just watch it but feel it.
The first film that we made was on Parkinson’s disease and how dance can help people with Parkinson’s. We made this film especially for the people with Parkinson’s. After seeing the response of so many Parkinson’s patients we decided to make film exclusively on social issues.  We think ourselves as passionate and untraditional filmmakers.  We want to break that norm of making film just for the sake of entertainments.  Through our films we want to show that ‘filmmaking’ is not merely for entertainment but one can also change someone’s life through it. We can give inspiration to so many people who are oppressed and depressed in their lives.
Currently we are working on four different short films.  These films include different social issues such as Islamaphobia, Domestic Violence, Autism and Parkinson's disease. 
Faizan Sheikhs Biography
Faizan Sheikh is a filmmaker and also a founder of a nonprofit organization in Brooklyn, New York.  He started his career as a filmmaker by making 'My Angel My Hero' a film on how dance can help people with Parkinson’s disease.  This film was showcased in 25 different film festivals around the world. The response of audience towards this film inspired him so much that he decided to make a nonprofit organization under the same name 'My Angel My Hero'. Since his first film on Parkinson’s disease he has decided to make films exclusively on different social issues.  He believes films can be a great medium to inspire people and change their lives. In 2017 he made four different short films on different social issues; such as Domestic Violence, Racism, Islamaphobia and Parkinson’s disease.
His love for working on meaningful and thought provoking videos led him to decide to start a video production company which exclusively works with different nonprofit organizations.  In 2017, he has worked for 15 different nonprofit organizations. He has made several videos for different nonprofit organizations in order to help them in spreading their mission statement more effectively and beautifully.